Meet The Team

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team-huddleDuke Cycling is a student run team.  Some of us ride mountain bikes, some of us race 'cross.  

A whole lot of us ride road bikes and itch for the spring racing season, when we compete against the other colleges and universities of NC, VA, WV, MD, and DC (The ACCC).  

The "typical" Duke cyclist might be an undergrad or a grad.  If you heard our conversations, you might not really be sure which is which.  

Occasionally the activation energy of the organic chemistry jokes is way too low, or the engineers forget to account for rolling resistance in their training model, or the quiet computer science major busts out the most ridiculous fridge magnet poetry you have ever seen during a training trip.

Our strongest rider might make your head spin when he tells you that rather than pursue a life as a domestique on a UCI-licensed team, he will be "going pro in cardiothoracic surgery".  No, we are not your normal college students.

We stay sane by pedaling circles.  We find gorgeous roads around Durham at the end of the summer, and explore many of the less known towns in rural NC.  

We turn our attention toward intervals and build aerobic power as the weather gets colder, but still come back to big group team rides on the weekends.  When we aren't studying over Christmas break, we find somewhere warm (lately, it's been California) and go crazy climbing mountains, shredding hundreds of miles, and eating massive amounts of raw beets.

Then when Februrary arrives, we spend our weekends traveling around the mid-atlantic proving to the rest of the ACCC schools that we are the toughest, most competitive, and tightest team in the conference.

That's Duke Cycling, but that's only a taste of Duke Cycling.  If you're in Durham and on campus, join us and become a part of the family.