Navy Recap

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This week, the racing team traveled to the Naval Academy for a Criterium, Time Trial, and a Road Race.  Duke brought less racers than usual, but still dominated.
In the Men's D races, Brooks Mershon took 3rd in the Time Trial, 5th in the Road Race, and a top 10 in the criterium.  In the Men's C races, Steven Boyd took 5th in the criterium, 9th in the TT, and 10th in the road race.  Zhan Khaw took 8th in the TT, and 9th in the road race.  
Duke's Women's B racers dominated all weekend.  Becky Johnson took 3rd in the criterium, 4th in the time trial, and 4th in the road race.  Gina Turrini took 5th in the criterium, 7th in the time trial, and 3rd in the road race.  Becky and Gina would not have been so successful in the Women's B criterium if it weren't for an attack by Brittany Stokes.  This attack split the field, and Duke was put in the drivers seat of the women's criterium.  Brittany followed up this attack with a top 10 in the criterium.  The next day she got 8th in the TT.  
Alex Fulton was dominant in the Men's B field, taking 2nd in the road race out of a break away (see attached photo), 4th in the TT, and 5th in the criterium.  Plagued by a freak mechanical accident, Jonathan Crimins was  still able to secure a top 10 in the Men's B TT, also, he crushed it up the 1/2 mile climb in the Men's B race while in the big ring.  
I'm not sure where to start with the Men's As.  They dominated in every race.  On Saturday, Mike Mulvihill went solo off the front for 35 minutes to win the criterium (see attached photo).  He described the race as "lonely." Kaleb Naegeli took 4th while going off the front for the last 1/4 of the race(see attached photo).  Matt Rinehart won the field sprint for 5th, and Matt Howe took 10th.  Kaleb took 4th in the TT, Matt Rinehart took 5th, Mulvihill took 7th, Howe took 9th, and Jacob Timmerman took 11th.  In the road race, Mike Mulvihill won out of a 6 man break away, with Matt Rinehart taking 4th.  Jacob Timmerman won the field sprint for 7th, and was followed closely by Matt Howe, who took 8th.  
Great job this weekend Duke, yet again we faced snow (although this time it was on the drive home), we dominated the ACCC, and we had a lot of fun.