Becky Johnson Race Report: W&M

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From Becky Johnson:

 Day 1:

Women's B/C Road Race: This was the coldest, wettest experience of my life.  It was in the low 40s and raining for the entire race.  The race started out with a crash in the first 10 feet or so when a girl ran into the cone by the parking lot entrance.

 The rest of the race was pretty boring because everyone was too miserable to do anything exciting.  By the second lap, the rain was really coming down and everyone was totally soaked and losing feeling in their extremities.  Coming up to the sprint, Brittany went straight through a gigantic puddle of water right before the sprint (that happened to be gone by the time the men's A and B races started), and still managed to win the C race.  Gina and I both were unable to feel our legs or hands in the sprint, which made shifting difficult.  I was able to come around a few girls at the end and get 4th, and Gina crossed shortly after in 8th place.  We all spent most of the next hour or two shivering and wringing several gallons of water out of our clothes.

Day 2 Crit:

Women's A/B/C crit: This was both Brittany's and my first criterium.  We managed to get a good starting position, but the race literally broke up around the first turn and was completely shattered from that point on.  Brittany, Gina, and I were by ourselves for most of the race.  I traded places with a UNC girl for a while, and managed to drop her and catch up with Gina.  We crossed the line together (the results on Pre-reg are wrong), and Brittany was not far behind, getting another win in the Women's C.